Odontonetwork - Oral Health Care Management
service provider for AIG

logo Dental service provider with customer care to manage the dental network, with a toll-free hotline for patients.
Odontonetwork is the only independent service provider without specific insurance affiliation, exclusively dedicated to dentistry.
logo Counseling for the preparation of health plans with copay as well as health fund management, both for health funds and insurance and reinsurance companies.
Prospective dental plans with Odontonetwork are prepared based on the guidelines found in the booklet “Linee guida nazionali per la promozione della salute orale e la prevenzione delle patologie orali in età adulta” from the Ministry of Health.
logo Personalized consulting service for creation and management of health funds.
logo Cassa On Salute – Health fund assistance for our business clients.
logo Service management – continuing education, purchasing groups, etc – even for other service providers.

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