Odontonetwork - Oral Health Care Management
service provider for AIG

Odontonetwork – Oral Health Care Management works to provide quality orthodontic service at reasonable and competitive prices through a network organized by service, clinical procedure and rates.
Our service is distinguished by our staff of qualified professionals that consider quality of service as our personal mission.
Our network has a continued dedication to a high standard of care, setting us apart from others in the sector.

mission odontonetwork

The Odontonetwork achieves this goal through:

logo High standards in selection of services for our network and continued quality control and monitoring;
logo Distribution of services throughout Italy according to sanitary districts;
logo Affordable and attainable costs of service;
logo “Ad hoc” system to double check the congruity of health plans offered by our service;
logo Preparation of tailor made health and dental plans, for all specific necessities, even as “affinity solutions” that can be adapted to other services.

Odontonetwork Oral Health Care Management is a service provider dedicated entirely to dental care and orthodontics, which coordinates a select network of dental health providers throughout Italy to offer to the general public an equal experience in terms of services and cost. bianco mission odontonetwork mission odontonetwork mission odontonetwork mission odontonetwork