Odontonetwork - Oral Health Care Management
service provider for AIG

Insurance and reinsurance companies find a trusted partner in Odontonetwork, with the specialization to be able to create customized dental plans. Risk management, frequency and rate control through our network allow us to confer our experience in order to create stable and balanced models, whether through existing health plans or supplemental assistance.
Services offered to insurance and supplemental insurance companies:
logo Advice and help in preparation of dental plans;
logo Service provider business;
logo Cross-check of insurance risk.

logo For more information, please write to: info@odontonetwork.it.

Compagnie di assicurazione

Odontonetwork Oral Health Care Management is a service provider dedicated entirely to dental care and orthodontics, which coordinates a select network of dental health providers throughout Italy to offer to the general public an equal experience in terms of services and cost.
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