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Health funds for specific companies, associations or other groups (see art. 51 comma 2 letter a) of the Decreto del Presidente della Repubblica 22 dicembre 1986, n. 917 “TUIR”) as well as supplemental dental or health plans are becoming more and more commonplace in Italy nowadays.
These funds were created to accompany the growing need for supplemental health insurance, specifically dental coverage which is excluded from the current national health care system.
Health funds, if belonging to the register of the Anagrafe dei Fondi (see art.3 of the Decreto del Ministero del Lavoro, della Salute e delle Politiche Sociali of 27 October 2009), are required to put aside a quota of no less than 20% of the full amount for supplementary coverage, such as dental.
Anagrafe Funds health fund membership allows the patient to deduct rates up to 3.618,20 euro.
Odontonetwork offers personalized solutions with services and plans customizable to all, so these health funds can render the most for its patients, including supplemental dental plans with exclusive service for both quality and assistance.
Specialized offers and a guarantee of professionalism come from the fact that Odontonetwork is able to unite vast knowledge in the field with an independence from ordinary networks.
Odontonetwork guarantees unique service in the national framework because each practice has been hand selected.
This guarantees elasticity and timely service between the practices, who need to guarantee dental care to their clients with innovative service while at the same time reducing costs and paperwork.

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Odontonetwork Oral Health Care Management is a service provider dedicated entirely to dental care and orthodontics, which coordinates a select network of dental health providers throughout Italy to offer to the general public an equal experience in terms of services and cost.
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