Odontonetwork - Oral Health Care Management
service provider for AIG

Odontonetwork distinguishes itself from the competition by its unending search for a high standard of quality from its affiliated service providers.
All dental studios are chosen based on their central location, quality control, clinical procedures and customer service.
Odontonetwork is an indispensable reference for the best dentist and orthodontic practices in Italy – with Odontonetwork they can become part of a national primary network with thousands of patients, offering its affiliates specialized service that simplifies technical and bureaucratic compliance, facilitates purchase of supplies and equipment through a buying group and offers training in the form of continuing education.
Affiliated dental practices are interconnected to our operating headquarters with a dedicated computer system. With the help of our dedicated customer care service, administrative and clinical information is shared in real time, thus saving important time and allowing your practice to better care for our patients.

logo For more information, please write to: info@odontonetwork.it.

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Odontonetwork Oral Health Care Management is a service provider dedicated entirely to dental care and orthodontics, which coordinates a select network of dental health providers throughout Italy to offer to the general public an equal experience in terms of services and cost.
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