Odontonetwork - Oral Health Care Management
service provider for AIG

In order to stay competitive, private and public companies as well as professional associations (or professional categories) must offer enticing benefit packages to their employees. This is especially true in the health care division, where supplemental health plans are becoming more and more commonplace. Odontonetwork can offer your company prompt, efficient service while remaining affordable.
For many companies, supplemental dental coverage through specific dental plans, such as those offered already in Northern Europe or the United States, represents an important benefit package, more and more appreciated by all employees.
Businesses and professional associations that choose to work with Odontonetwork have the chance to benefit from our specialized service.
Advantages of working with us are:
logo Personalized service for each company;
logo Employee loyalty thanks to adding dental insurance to your existing benefit package;
logo Personalized area coverage depending on company request;
logo Competitive and affordable rates and service.

logo For more information, please write to: info@odontonetwork.it.

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Odontonetwork Oral Health Care Management is a service provider dedicated entirely to dental care and orthodontics, which coordinates a select network of dental health providers throughout Italy to offer to the general public an equal experience in terms of services and cost.
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